At Work Presentation Template

With the presentation '' At work '' we try to help you explain a series of concepts that have to be very clear at work. Numbers, concepts, big maps of location of your company... basic elements that must have a template and that will help you to bring your achievements in your company and your bosses.
Born to succeed is perfect for any startup.

Your co-workers will also be very satisfied because it will help to improve teamwork.

Template Features for Google Slides and Power Point

Easily editable presentation template. You can optimize it with your photos and texts
Modern design and a wide palette of colors
Contains examples of graphs and tables
Includes a family of icons, emoji, gifs and an editable world map (you can change size and color)
You can download this presentation template for Powerpoint and work from the desktop or use it as a theme in Google Slides and modify it online.
16: 9 ratio (Can be changed to 4: 3 with a click on Google Slides, but certain items may not work well)

At Work presentation template


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