BoostLikes, “follow” the leader

It is not a tool properly. It is something so simple to win fans, shares, reviews on Facebook, Instagram … that is incredible. Boostlikes is a website that helps improve your social pages. For example you can gain qualified followers on Facebook and also upload on YouTube views.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are the accounts that you can improve and increase your social statistics. Remember that it is always better to have a lot of qualified Followers and that for example you can boost the shares of your publications which will improve the scope and therefore you can increase your visits.

Also it does not have a high cost, since you can pay for packages. Even if you make a monthly fixed you will get a discount of -10%. For example; If you want to get 1000 likes you will have to pay about 71 $, which is a fairly acceptable cost because the cost per fan is 0.07 cents. Logically the more you spend, the cheaper you get. For example to get 3,000 fans, the fan goes to 0.06 cents.

Boostlikes works with large companies as you can see in the image, which gives that added security and confidence.  Websties like Search Engine Land, Technorati and NBC have worked with BoostLikes.

The fans you provide are permanent and have a lifetime guarantee. As they say: “The fans we help you acquire are permanent, and any lost fans will be replaced for free.”

From SlidesPop we believe that it can be a good alternative to optimize those social metrics whose cost is very variable according to the time of year.

More Info and plans here

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