TED talks to see before a public presentation

For some years, TED (non-profit organization) whose acronym stands for: Technology, Entertainment and Design offers some interesting talks, some motivating and others with great advice such as these two that we show you in this post. Thanks to Richard Saul Wurman and Harry Marks since 1984 we have these presentations and we have at our disposal a great knowledge because most of these talks are based on experiences already lived.

Amy Cuddy: Body Language Shapes Our Identity

Video displays: over 40M

Amy Cuddy, social psychologist, exposes that as showing a security attitude, still feeling insecure can improve our chances of success.

How to talk so people want to hear you

Video views: about 20M

In this talk Julian Treasure, sound expert shows some useful vocal exercises to advice on how to speak with empathy. “The human voice: It is the instrument that we all play. It is the most powerful sound in the world” with this great phrase begins his talk

These two talks can come very well when you make a presentation to an audience with which we may feel uncomfortable to the main

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